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Having a Registered Massage Therapist come to your event or establishment is a fun, healthy and interactive way to make your event even more of a success.



Sports Massage at athletic and many other sporting venues has grown rapidly in recent years, you now see Therapists at most events ranging from the Olympic games to professional or amateur events and also fun runs. It has been well documented over the years and found to have many benefits in the performance and welfare of the Athletes and those that participate, which is why it is becoming a priority to have massage teams present even at amateur and fun events. Having a massage team present at events, allows for the use of the therapists hands as a thankyou gift for your volunteers who have worked so hard, or the organisers who might feel the need to take a short break and relax tense muscles, basically they are on standby for anybody needing healing hands. Therapists will always be seen to be busy, working throughout the day, competition or tournament! 


The key to a successful workplace wellness program is having enjoyable activities and events that actually work. Some companies choose onsite massage services as a wellness tool; a morale booster; a way to entice top talent; and even a great gift.

The promise of 15-20 relaxing minutes on the job is a great motivator.

Incase you don't already know here are some benefits of office massage your employees will see:

Reduced tension

Reduced stress

Fewer headaches

Relaxed muscles

Improved mental focus

Minimized workplace injuries

Improved employee morale

Using office massage as an incentive works, because it’s a treatment that most enjoy.

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Thinking of ways to show your clients or customers that you appreciate their loyalty to your business?

Why not give the gift of health. Nothing says that I appreciate you and care about your well-being more than a gift certificate for a massage. 

Or 15 - 20 minute massages during your company's Customer Appreciation Event.

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